Jules Owchar
Jules Owchar
Title: Head Coach
Phone: 780.221.1717
Email: juleso@nait.ca

In describing the coaching career of Jules Owchar, it's probably easier to list the few honours he hasn't received than to plod through the massive list of triumphs. Owchar is quick to downplay his involvement in the wildly successful career of 2010 Olympic champion Kevin Martin, but the fact remains that Martin came to Owchar for assistance back in 1984, more than a quarter-of-a-century ago. Through all of those years with national and international travel filling his schedule, Owchar has remained as head coach of curling and golf for the NAIT Ooks.

He started at NAIT nearly 40 years ago, coaching and teaching physical education, and has never left. In theory, he retired in 2003. His record immediately earned a spot on the Athletics Wall of Fame, but he didn't stop coaching. At the start of the 2010/11 ACAC season, Owchar owned at least 33 curling championships and warned, half in jest: "I may not be finished yet."

Martin, who has won four national championships and been to the Olympics for Canada four times, leaves no doubt about Owchar's contribution. "Mechanics and consistency are the same thing," says the champ. "Jules pays a lot of attention to our mechanics." Perhaps the best indication of Jules Owchar's value as a coach is this: three times, he has won the Petro-Canada Coaching Excellence Award. And he isn't close to being finished.